Is MSI Credit Solutions the Real Deal?

Can you really get items removed from your credit report using MSI Credit Solutions or will you just waste your money?

Read some of the information on this site and you can make your own call. We have tested out there services oursevles and done the research to save you time. We have found out the truth about credit repair and what can be done if you are in a bad situation. We even have proof of real credit reports where items have been delete in less than 30 days.

Here is a REAL quote from one of our members

“To potential MSI Credit customers: 7 October 2008 If you are reading this letter, then you are obviously on the MSI website. And if this is the case, you are probably wondering “is this for real? Can they really help me?” As a very satisfied customer who has seen firsthand the magic that these folks can do, let me tell you emphatically “YES, they can help”. I started the program in February of 2008. My credit was dismal, with an average score of 532 and 5 collections showing on my report. While salary-wise I was doing well, my credit was just terrible and didn’t know what to do. By chance, I came upon the MSI site, like you are now, and read about the program and looked at the testimonials. It sure looked good on the screen, but I had my doubts. I filled out the online form and was quickly was contacted by Troy Haney. Troy and I set up a time to talk and he explained the process to me in the greatest of detail. I figured that there was nothing to lose at that point, so I signed up. Now, the beauty of this program is that the work you yourself have to do is minimal. Provide a current credit report and any/all of your bills/collections/etc. Promptly mail an correspondence that you receive to MSI. That’s it. The professionals at MSI take it from there. I received a status report monthly, and at times semi-weekly. Troy was (is) always there to answer every question and to provide advice. A short six months later, my score from all three reporting agencies are near 700! This is the first time in, well, as long as I can remember that they were this high. And this is only the beginning. So, take it from someone who was in the same position as you the reader may be in. The program works. It is easy. It gives results. To paraphrase a famous ad, “Just do it”.” -Kevin Macdonald

Before Kevin found MSI he tried to repair his credit on his own. Only to get the normal stall tactic that most credit agencies employ. This below image is an actual  letter he received refusing to investigate his claim.

msi credit solutions

Here is another happy customer of MSI Credit Solutions:

“For individuals like me who have been faced with unfortunate credit situations, MSI Credit Solutions has proven to be a very important investment that has resulted in huge dividends for me and my family. Right from the beginning, I was told MSI would do all the work for me to help restore my credit and the process would be done in approximately six (6) months, and as a result, my credit score went from the mid 500′s to a mid 600 average for all three credit bureaus. I strongly encourage anyone including friends and family to make MSI Credit Solutions your choice when needing or seeking credit restoration help and assistance. Once again, thank you Troy for your patience and due diligence over the last six months. Nice job!! ”
Walley R

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